Will a commitment be taken from those participating in the program?

What will I achieve after completing the program?

Future Generation program offers you opportunities to unlock your potential by achieving personal goals focused on volunteering, personal development and physical fitness. This is an amazing achievement that you can use to propel your career into an even brighter future.

How many voluntary public service hours can I count per day? 

You can count max of 8 hours per day.

How do I apply? 

Please fill out the form on "How to Apply" page.

Do I need to submit my progress to both the Future Generation system and the Congressional Awards website?

Joining both programs or solely Future Generation is entirely up to your preference. However, we recommend carefully reading the eligibility requirements for both programs to make an informed decision since there are a few differences such as age requirements.

Is there an application deadline?

There is a 2-month application period for each semester. 

Fall semester: August and September

Spring semester: January and February

How do I receive my award after completion of a track?

Do I need both the advisor and the validator?

For the Future Generation, having a validator is not mandatory. However, if you wish to participate in the Congressional Award program, having a validator is required. For more detailed information, please refer to the Congressional Award website.

I have decided to change the track I am pursuing. Is it possible?

Who is going to be my advisor/validator?

Parents, relatives, and peers may not serve as Advisors or Validators. Appropriate Advisors and Validators should include mentors, education directors, teachers, or a person who is assigned by your education director.

How do I submit my record book for Future Generation?

When you complete your track, you will email your Record Book to your representative. If you do not have a Record book, you can find the PDF here: https://shorturl.at/rvwN0.

You will know your representative's email address once you fill out your application form.

Can I fill out the application form in November?

Application periods last two months in each semester. (August-September and January-February)

Please fill out your application during those months.